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The advanced development of radio

The rapid growth of the different sectors has made the advanced use of technology. Both the private well as public sectors depend on advanced technology for smooth function. Thereby the safety use of the various device is very essential. The meaning of intrinsically safe means the use or the device should be safe in any hazardous environment especially in the presence of major spark, flame, or even heat could lead to creating safety to deal with the hazard situation. Therefore, the use of anĀ intrinsically safe radio is of the plus point to be used in this hazard situation.

Identification of intrinsically safe radio:

It is important to the intrinsically can be identified with the help of a specific label that is attached to the backside of the radio unit. This label is usually will be included in the form of the logo by the certified testing laboratories.

Authorized distribution:

The distribution of this intrinsically safe radio should be done informal method. To assure the high-performance of this safe radio it should be availed in an authorized way. the certified IS radio should be marked based on the classification of the radio. The minimum making should include division, group as well as maximum safe of operation that allows being used the device in the required temperature.

It should be kept in mind that the rating of the IS radio should be indicated on the spec sheet or else can be mentioned on the brochure of the product.


It is available to install or remove the accessories that are hazardous to the environment.

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