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How to go green with Keppel Electric?

There are many businesses in the world but not many believe in the ethics and principles they should operate with. Most businesses run with the sole motive of securing more and more profits which harms the environment in extraordinary ways.

The consequences of which are right there in front of our eyes for all of us to see. With burning forests, rising sea levels, and declining species diversity, we are certainly sitting on a ticking time bomb.

All of this implies that if timely actions are not taken then everything would fall apart one by one like a never-ending chain reaction.

How does Keppel Electric ensure targeted climate action? 

Keppel Electric works with the principles of integrity that help them achieve a healthy community of stakeholders. Such a community includes the customers as well as the team of Keppel Electric itself, to carve out a visionary doctrine that not only ensures the making of an efficient and resilient power grid but also ensures that such power generation helps in reducing the carbon footprint. By doing so, it helps in achieving sustainable targets that further develop into a circular economy.

Who is Keppel Electric and what does it do?

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