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What one should know about Cam Locks when buying one?

The term “Cam Lock” refers to the Cam and Lever that is being used to secure each hose or fit another. The female connector legislature includes two cams. The male connector is shaped in such a way that the cams can lock into place. The above couplings mate efficiently and simply by inserting the grooved coupling through into cam coupling and essentially blocking the cam arms. Safety pins keep the cam arms from disengaging accidentally while in use. cam locks are distinguished by an attached arm, or cam, which twists to lock doors and drawers. Keyed cam locks accessible with a key.

Cam locks are used in what situations?

Cam locks for furniture can be used to secure a wide range of items such as doors, cabinets, lockers, security boxes, drawers, file cabinets, and many others. They are especially popular among furniture manufacturers because they require a piece of equipment to be secured while maintaining its appearance.

How do you open a cam lock if you don’t have a key?

You can use an old standard blade screwdriver something which you don’t mind ruining for simple cam locks. Drive the wrench into the key slot with a hammer, the deeper the better. Switch the screwdriver hold with a sled hammer. In most cases, this will cause the lock to open.


Cam locks are adaptable locking systems that can be used in your home as well as on other items that require strong locks. They have a mechanism that is more suitable for high-security applications. You can also unlock that without a key using various combination mechanisms. So, if you would like to protect your home, invest in a cam lock or multiple for effective security.

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